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Spice Rack from an Old Tea Rack

My pantry looks like a nuclear Tupperware bomb went off — it is bad.  I have tried really hard to make progress on this front but it is hard with a Booga.  Our spices well “live” on top of a shelf that happens to be perfect Booga level.  Which means every time the pantry door … Continue reading

Quick Blog Post

Well after the FUBAR yesterday’s post caused today I am going to relax and enjoy my two screaming children (because my kids are AWESOME!!!!)  I am also going to prepare for DATE NIGHT with my amazing husband (remember the T.A.P. dress shoes – tomorrow is show time!) I wanted to also let y’all know I … Continue reading

Part 8: How to Watermark a Photograph

What is watermarking?  A watermark is a little picture, logo etc. that usually contains your name, business name, website information and a © symbol.  What does it do?  It makes it harder for people to steal your photos, pictures, etc. and claim it as their own.  It isn’t 100% if someone really wants your picture … Continue reading

Monet Waterlilies Teaching Impressionism

I love Impressionism Monet is one of my favorite artist (I named my dog Monet Picasso). Monet Picasso – December 2007 I watched the In the Zone Episode on June 20 and decided I needed to incorporate Impressionism into a children’s project for my show In the Paint Box.  I started doing some research and … Continue reading

Homemade Gift Box

Many of you who read my blog at any great length know of my hate for origami.  I really needed to make boxes for the Teacher’s Gifts.  I Googled – how to make gift boxes and found an amazing website Printable Favors and Seals.  They have an amazing printable PDF – my mom made the … Continue reading

I Miss My Mac…

I have been essentially on bed rest for the past 3 weeks which means no Mac because I cannot sit on the stool for the Mac.  I have built the background for A.J.’s Digi Shoppe on the laptop (with much frustration) and honestly last night was NOT happy with how it looked.  I turned on … Continue reading

What I am working on… Pictures

So I decided (with nudging from Robi on Tuesday) to create some pieces for the Creative Paper Clay Design Team.  The deadline is the 15th (I like pressure – lol) so I have been working very hard to get these pieces done.  Last night I was up until the wee hours finishing the fairy so … Continue reading