We need to SAVE PBS and NPR!

I have tried very hard to keep politics out of my blog posts but this subject has drove me over the edge.  I am going to keep this simple and stick to the facts.  I will try to be non-partisan as possible because I feel that this should be a non-partisan issue. 
Where would I be without PBS?  Everyone knows my love of the Zen Painting Master – Bob Ross.  I can honestly say he was the one who started the spark I watched him every weekend on PBS.  In college I was poor so I did not have cable – Antiques Road Show is the greatest show ever and the Brit Coms saved my sanity.  I haven’t even gotten to the greatest documentarian of all time – Ken Burns. 

Look what is coming up – I mean it makes me giddy:

Info is from Wikipedia
I am so saddened by this because the cuts to PBS are not going to solve the budget crisis.  You can blow smoke up everyone’s ass but it doesn’t change the fact :
What can you get for $1.35 NOTHING!  If every person in the US pays that a year (and there are 310,827,175 of us) it costs $419,616,686.25 to run NPR and PBS.  Our debt is  image – $419 MILLION IS NOT GOING TO DO A DAMN THING!!!!!  How about we stop fighting 2 wars and giving tax breaks to rich people?  That would help – STOP CUTTING STUFF FOR THE NORMAL EVERYDAY AMERICAN!
Whether you think it is right or wrong to do Public Funding for something let me phrase it like this:  Have you or your children or grandchildren ever watched Sesame Street, Curious George, Thomas the Tank Engine, Super Why, Sid the Science Kid, Barney, Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood?  Then you NEED to support PBS and NPR!  These shows are amazing they don’t have the obnoxious commercials Nickelodeon does and my kids are LEARNING how to share, their alphabet, numbers, how rainbows happen.
Cutting PBS isn’t going to solve the budget crisis. The average American makes less than $40,000 a year ($39.999).  The average Congressperson makes close to 4.35 times that.  Maybe Congress should look at what they are making? $174,000 a year – do you know what I could do with a $174,000. And if you are over 62 and have served for more than 5 years you get a FULL Pension which is 80% of your current take home that equals to approximately $139,000 a year. I don’t know anyone who makes that a year maybe they should live on what “normal” people live on then they can see how much we rely on PBS.   I think that Congressman Hal Rogers of Kentucky, who purposed this  legislation, needs to come to my house and explain to my 17 month old and my 5 year old why they can’t watch Thomas or Super Why or Sesame Street – PBS is a lifeline for me and my family!
I am sorry if I upset anyone by this but I feel very strongly about PBS and NPR and it needs to be saved – DON’T KILL ELMO!
If you would like to sign a petition
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I thank you and my family thanks you from the bottom of our heart for supporting this VERY IMPORTANT CAUSE!

UPDATE:  I have turned off commenting on this post due to the vulgar, anonymous comments I have been getting.  I have no problem if people disagree but please show some respect and own up to your own comments.  It was easier to shut it off and not publish any of them. 

Thank you,
Manda 🙂

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