Pitchers and Catchers Report

So every year there is a lull in sports (at least for me) the two weeks after the Super Bowl until the day Pitchers and Catchers report for Spring Training.  I hate basketball and college basketball, hockey doesn’t hold my interest like it use to so I watch ESPN and hold my nose – I am so sick of The Heat and The Lakers.  They should do a Death Match between the two teams just to make it interesting.  They could throw Carmello Anthony in there to make it even more interesting.

Why am I writing about sports on an Art Blog?  One because it is my blog and two I haven’t gotten a whole lot done in the past couple of weeks with the Zombie Plague running rampant through my house.  Matter of fact I still have a horrible ear ache from it – I keep thinking it will magically go away but it hasn’t I am thinking I might have to go to the doctors for this one.  I have been watching quite a bit of ESPN because you can only take so much cartoons (I LOVE PBS and I do not want anything to happen to it but 8 hours straight for several days is a little much!) 

I am glad that baseball is starting because that means Spring is right around the corner.  With Spring comes an abundance of gardening posts and time outside for me.  My garden is a place where I can get my hands dirty, it is hard work but I love it.  I love the soil between my fingers, pulling weeds to get my frustration out and the rewards are my kids eating vegetables that I grew!

So with Pitchers and Catchers Reporting I can say it starts getting me ready for Spring!  Spring Fever = Spring Cleaning and Gardening!  I LOVE SPRING Smile

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