Friday! Friday! Friday! Computer Arrival Day :D

First, sorry about the NO POST yesterday but my hand was acting up and I was unable to type.  Picture a one fingered – lefty, pounding on keys and when you average 100 words a minute it was excoriating for me.  I did emotion-cons yesterday Smile = happy or agreed, Smile with tongue out= silly, Sad smile = sad or disagree… well you get the picture.

So I am patiencely waiting for FedEx who am I kidding… every time I hear a vehicle pass by my house I am in the window like a puppy.  My Mac is “OUT FOR DELIEVERY” so I am really, really excited!  I am cleaning the desk preparing for its arrival.  Then I get to set it up, hack the router and hopefully have that bad boy up and running by bedtime tonight Open-mouthed smile  I more and likely won’t write until Monday just because I have quite a bit of work ahead of me.  I promise Monday’s Post will be good Open-mouthed smile

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