The Garden… on a Tasty Tuesday

I honestly have not been doing a lot of cooking because dinner is usually something easy (i.e. cereal, Raman or pb&j).  With the reservations line starting to pick up steam with St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday I have had my fair share of “interesting people.”  I could have just grabbed something out of my recipe box but that is for extreme emergencies.  Besides I figured my garden will soon be an all you can eat buffet so why not tell everyone on it’s progress.

I have been really busy and have not been spending as much time out there as I would like.  We have seemed to have missed the mild, no bug time of year (granted it is only 3 days).  It went from really cold to really buggy.  I was able to get my peas and beans planted a couple of weeks ago.  I went to check on them today and much to my surprise I have sprouts.  I for some reason have no Tenderpick Beans and only one lonely Sugar Snap Pea Plant but everything else is doing amazing!

Pea and bean plants all in a row…
Another shot of the pea and bean plants – I have a 2 foot section where I planted the Sugar Snap and Tenderpicks that is bare.
Little Marvel Pea Plant

Lonely Sugar Snap Pea Plant
Yellow Wax Bean Plant
I ordered the one thing I have been wanting for three years this week a Top Hat Blueberry Bush – I am so excited!  I do have quite a bit in pots – hoping they sprout from seeds (strawberries, lavender and oregano).  The corn, tomatoes and cucumbers are doing okay but not even close to being able to put in the garden.  Well maybe the corn before I kill it in the house (maybe I will do that this weekend).  I still have quite a bit back there to do but I finally have enough rocks for a path thanks to the horrible Yucca Tree.  I hope to make progress and have a more complete garden to show y’all next week 🙂

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