Come 2 Chat: The TP Roll Challenge – Easter Wreath

The Come 2 Chat Facebook Group had its first “Crafty Challenge” last week the Deadline was today March 14th.  The rules were it had to use TP rolls and the theme was Spring.  I seriously started this on Sunday because I didn’t know what to do.  I also got my days mixed up I thought the 14th was tomorrow.  Last night I ran to Wal-mart for a couple items, I always run through the craft section when I go (even though their craft section is sub-par at best).  They actually had PLAID Extreme Glitter Paints I was so excited!  I bought Rose #2788, Purple #2791, Turquoise #2790 and Peridot #2789 – I had been searching for this paint for a while and was giddy when I found it.  My wreath was constructed on a cereal box – I do plan on adding foam core or cardboard to the cereal box for support.
I did not take progress photos because I was really pressed for time and I only have the iSight camera set up on my Mac because the Logitech is not compatible.  I will walk thorough step by step how I did everything.

Cereal Box
Smaller Plate or Masking Tape Roll
Scissors or Exacto Knife
Two Toilet Paper Rolls (TP Rolls)
Baking Cups (Cupcake Liners)
Unsharpened Pencil
Hot Glue
Paint (Puffy Paint, Craft Paint, Etc.)
Glimmer Mist (I used the Homemade Glimmer Mist)

I took the plate and traced a circle.  I cutout the circle and then added the smaller circle by tracing it, I then cut that out.  I painted the TP Rolls #2557 Perfect Purple Folk Art Acrylic Paint – both inside and out.  Once it was dry I cut the rolls into 1/4″ pieces – I eyeballed everything.  I then glued the pieces on the cardboard to look like Easter Eggs.  I painted the inside of the eggs with the Extreme Glitter #2791 Purple.

Close up of the eggs made from TP Rolls.  I added Puffy Paint and glitter glue to the eggs for embellishments.

 The embellishments were casts I made with the homemade casting stuff.  My mom sent me some Easter Jell-O Molds which looked a little too icky for Jell-O (she bought them for casting).  I figured I would use them eventually and I finally did.  I put the eggs on a base of cupcake liners  that I wrapped around the end of an unsharpened pencil – I then added hot glue and plunked it down.  I kept adding them until I thought it was enough.  I then sprayed the cupcake liners with the homemade Glitter Mist.
I added the blue bunny embellishment – I LOVE him 🙂
The duck embellishment for the wreath.

The whole Easter Wreath.
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