Come 2 Chat: Challenge 3 – Disc O Party

CD Frame

This week’s Come 2 Chat Challenge was to take an old CD or CD Case and make something for a birthday party.  I decided to make a picture frame.  I know it isn’t birthday themed but I thought it would make a really nice present for someone.  I also had my Faux Wood demo piece from The Paint Box that if I didn’t use in some way it would have been mangled by the Booga.

I admit I went into the demo knowing I was going to make a frame (I just didn’t know how).  I ended up taking the the faux wood burning piece (painting on a cereal box) and gluing it to foam core.   I painted the foam core with Burnt Umber paint.  I took a CD and cut it with an Exact-o Knife a 1/4 of a piece (think of it as a piece of pie).  I then needed to figure out a way to secure the “arm” to the base of the frame.  METAL TAPE – it is used in duct work so it is strong and flexible – it worked perfect!  I then decided I needed to adhere the faux wood to the CD once again I used metal tape.  Once I covered the foam core with metal tape I added some brown alcohol ink to the metal tape.  I left a space opened on the bottom so I can slip a photo through.

Showing the side with the Metal Tape
The back side of the frame showing the “arm” sticking out.
Another shot of the back.
Bird’s Eye View of the frame
Front View of the Frame
Showing everything at one time

UPDATE:  I made a Printable Tutorial for this project.  CLICK HERE to download the PDF.

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