The GIANT To-Do List

Let me say this list is a self imposed list (or partly self imposed list) that will not be completed any time soon because it means movement off the couch.  I keep saying I’m grounded to the couch and I am grateful for all the warm wishes I have received.  So what the hell is wrong with with me?  Well I have excessive amount of scar tissue around one ovary (maybe both) causing me excoriating pain.  I am having surgery May 17th to correct the problem and from having this surgery in the past I know I will feel better.  Until then my mom is here helping me with the Booga and the Munchkin Doodle (I am grateful for her help because there is no way I could have done it without her).  Jeff has been wonderful too and is taking the week of the surgery off work, he keeps telling me he is going to give me a giant bell to ring so I don’t have to move.  If you haven’t gathered I am quite stubborn so sitting on the couch doing nothing is NOT my idea of fun.  I have colored digi stamps, made about a dozen cards, scheduled blog posts for feature dates, started designing my own digi stamps and decided to clean up the laptop.  I came up with a To-Do List that I should be able to complete from the comfort of my couch.

  • Get the laptop back to a functioning piece of equipment – Updates, desk clean up, de-frag the whole shebang!
  • Back up all my photos onto disks and get them off the laptop so it runs better.
  • FINISH MY PAPERCLAY PROJECT!!!!!  It is about 75% done Smile
  • Create some digi stamps because it is something for me to do
  • Make some more cards because I am in a card making mood.
  • Mail the cards since I made them – lol.
  • Schedule some blog post for the week of my surgery – I don’t want y’all to be bored Smile
  • Fix the font on my blog (I have been messing with it again so hopefully I can fix that soon).

I am thinking that is pretty much it.  I hope to be able to scan in the cards I made this week but we will see.  It is quite tricky going from a Mac to a PC and then back to a Mac (I miss my Mac – I just can’t sit at my desk right now to type.)  I want to thank everyone again for the warm wishes and maybe I will actually get some of those how to tutorials finished  – it has only been a yearSmile

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