Thankful Thursdays–They Are Back :)

I figured today would be the day to bring back Thankful Thursdays but this time with photos.

Jeff and I at the Sand Gnats Game

My amazing husband – I love the fact even when I can’t move off the couch and am in pain he can still make me laugh.


Booga – even though he has entered the terrible two stage.  He flashes that smile or gives mommy a hug or a kiss and all is right with the world Smile

Jillian and ice cream

My Princess eating ice cream.  I love how she is learning how to read and reads to the Booga in the felt play tent.

Mothers Day 2011

My mom because she is mom and has been a huge help with the Booga and the Princess.  I also appreciate the grounding to my couch I am getting quite a bit finished Smile

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