Part 2 Blog to Web 101 – Pages Without Creating Pages in a Blogger Blog

Part 2 of Blog to Web is going to talk about getting “Pages” without using the Page Hack.  I think this will be very useful in trying to create a Website from a Blog.  I am going about this from the point of view that this is a brand NEW blog, not a blog that is already in use.  I started A.J.’s Digi Shoppe from scratch (I created a new blog and paid the $10 to buy the domain name) I thought starting on a clean slat would be so much easier than turning this into a shoppe.  I have also worked really hard on getting this up and how I want it that I didn’t want to change it.

I did go through and started “hacking” Blogger Pages:

As you can see I have 13 Pages here – the process was difficult and the catch is you can lose all of this if Blogger has an outage like the one a couple weeks ago.  I know I had to go through and redo some of the CSS codes I had on this blog.  I did NOT want that so I decided to think about it and try to figure out what and the world to do.

I was laying in bed staring at the ceiling and it came to me I could just create Posts and use them instead of pages.  So the next morning I woke up and tried it.

As you can see it worked but how did I get everything to work like a website?

Front Screen shot of A.J.’s Digi Shoppe.  I only have one post displaying.

Here is how to get one post to display:
Dashboard –> Settings –> Formatting –> Show at Most –> Change to 1 –>  Save

Now you can start adding your “pages” by adding posts to you blog.  The most important item is to always have your “Welcome” Post be the latest date and the rest of the posts be a earlier date.  For example:  Your welcome date is today and your other posts are set to yesterday or a day earlier in the month.  To accomplish this go to New Post –> Post Options –> Scheduled at –> Choose your date

Now that you have created Pages, you will need a Navigation Menu.

Designs –> Pages Elements –> Add Gadget –> Text –> Add Your Text

You will then need to hyperlink your individual post to the Titles of your pages but it is really easy.

Save what you have done and then you can have as many pages as you desire without hacking.

The overall look of the blog (website) using posts instead of pages.  

This unfortunately is just the beginning you will need to remove Subscribe to Atom Post, Getting rid of the Date, Older, Home, and Previous from the bottom of your posts.  I will cover all of these in a later posts because these will be very technical and in depth how to.

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