Homemade Liquid Soap

Browsing Pinterest last week I found a recipe for homemade liquid soap – I found this pin from the Savvy Housekeeping.  I was so excited because we only use Yardley’s Soap in our house (yes I buy it at the Dollar Store – it is one of the only soaps I can use).  I hate soap slivers – Jeff saves them, I throw them away.  Well I decided to take some of the soap slivers and grate them up and make liquid soap.  I used four slivers to 10 cups of water.  I did not use glycerin because I didn’t have any and she states you don’t need it.I used a double boiler with a large coffee can instead of a large pot (even though the soap is natural I try and keep my art supplies and food supplies separate).  I also had some larger clumps so I boiled it a little longer than she stated.  I did stir it occasionally and let it cool overnight.  It did need to cool to become more gelatinous.  I was told by Jeff it looked like snot (which was the constancy I was going for because real liquid soap is that constancy).

Soap Slivers
I grated the soap onto a Styrofoam plate
Starting to bubble
The bubbles starting to go away
Cooled over night – slime
What it should look like

My hand soap bottle filled

This recipe make a ton (and I mean a TON) of soap.  I filled an old shampoo bottle, 2 soap bottles and still have a half of coffee can of liquid soap.
DOES NOT FOAM or PRODUCE SUDS.  Homemade (natural) soaps do not do this, commercial soaps have added chemicals to produce suds.  You do not need suds to see if something is clean (it is a hard hurdle to overcome but an important one).

Total cost for me:  $0.00

If you do not have a bar of Yardley’s soap – $1.00 (at the Dollar Store)

I am allergic to most soaps:  Dove, Ivory, Dial, anything with aloe.  I have been using Yardley’s Soap for years and growing up I had to order it from a catalog ($9.00 a bar – it killed me anytime I placed an order) but it was the only soap I could (can) use.  I love the fact that I can finally use a liquid soap that will not bother my skin and it cost NOTHING.

2 thoughts on “Homemade Liquid Soap

  1. That recipe is great! I've been looking for a liquid soap recipe, thanks! My mom and I made soaps and sell them, they are called Olive your beeswax, I'd love to incorporate liquid soap too!

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