Mummy Juice Boxes – Tasty Tuesday

I want to state upfront this was NOT my idea – Leslie Rahye did 24 mummy juice boxes for her daughter’s class using Duct Tape.  I thought it was an amazing idea so I decided to make them for my daughter’s class but with a twist, I decided to use Masking Tape opposed to Duct Tape.

Juices Boxes (I did the mini juice boxes)
Googly Eyes
White Printer Paper
Metal Ruler
Glue Stick
Tacky Glue (for the eyes)
Masking Tape (I used Dollar Store Masking Tape)

1.  Remove straws from the drink boxes. 

2.  Take juice box and measure the paper.  Taking a metal ruler rip the paper along the edge of the metal ruler.

 3.  Rip paper as straight as possible.

 4.  Fold paper over the juice box use glue stick to secure the paper together.

 5.  One the box is covered and secured with glue, flip over.

 6.  Add googly eyes with Tacky Glue.

 7.  Google Eyes secured.

 8.  Take a piece of masking tape about 12″ long.

 9.  Tear the masking tape in half.

 10.  Start wrapping the “mummy” with tape.

11.  I used Dollar Store masking tape and I did have to add a little glue to the end of a couple pieces of the tape.

Finished Mummies!!!


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