11/11/11 – My Blog is 2

Two years ago I started my blog – it is amazing how it has evolved in two years.  I guess I never realized I picked such an awesome day to start my blog – 11/11.  I am personally at a crossroads with my blog should I cut back on blogging or write more about random stuff.  I personally don’t have the answers yet.

I have done more with my blog than I ever thought possible.  My blog has opened more doors for me and has given me the courage to do stuff a couple years ago I would have NEVER done.  I mean two years ago I would have never gone out for a Design Team or talked about projects on a weekly WebTV Show.  I have evolved so much over the past two years as a person and an artist.  I have learned many lessons (better or worse), you will disagree with practices but sometimes you have to learn to agree to disagree and have learned you can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try.  I did not start my blog to make friends, make money or to have a career I simply started it to keep track of everything.  A mother of a newborn and a 4 year old making projects to keep her 4 year old occupied as well as keeping herself sane.  I have forged many wonderful relationships through my blog and forums I have joined over the past two years.  Looking back at my journey to where I am today I personally would not change a thing.  Well maybe the first blog button and banner design I did (WOW that was BAD!!!!).  My blog is ever evolving whether it is the Tutorial Page or the Background or some new fangled thing that I need to put on my blog – it is ever evolving, like myself. 

I now have two, two years in my my life (the Booga and my blog) and with each some their own challenges.  Once again at a crossroads with my blog, do I start doing Google Ads – I don’t know yet.  Would I like a couple extra dollars a month?  Of course I would but I started my blog not to make money but to keep track of my projects.  I am considering it but it not because I want to earn a living writing on my blog – I view it almost as a reward to myself for being able to keep up with blogging, Design Teams and other life events.  Whether I decide to do it or not is still up in the air but I wanted to let everyone know I am considering it.  I am also playing around with a new program called MUSE by Adobe – it allows you to build any website in a Photoshop-like program with NO HTML but it will convert it to HTML.  A lot of playing needs to happen before I will even consider doing it to this blog (hello test blog). 

I want to thank everyone who has been reading and keeping up with all my crazy endeavors over the past two years – Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I can wait to see what the next year brings.

Manda 🙂

PS:  If you are looking for Festive Friday Blog Hop – Scroll Down

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