Things I am working on…

Christmas is 39 days away and I am finally “in the spirit” I think the pumpkin pie I baked last week helped.

I have figured out most of the people on my list a few (Jeff) I still have no idea.  I started on project last night that made a HUGE mess but the outcome I think is fantastic.  I will do a blog post but it is part of my Creative Paperclay® Modeling Materials Design Team Project on the 23rd.  Personally this is going to be a hard item to part with but I know the person I am making this for with LOVE IT!

After my huge mess I made last night it forced me to clean my desk (yes it was that bad) I now have a CLEAN desk:

Photographic PROOF my desk was clean

I am also working on charms because I making a charm bracelet for my grandma for Christmas.  I asked my aunts and my cousins for one charm that describes them and I am going to create it in FIMO®, mold it and cast in resin.  All but four have gotten back to me so I have some work ahead of me.

I also need to purchase some items in order to finish gifts – citric acid being the main one.  I also need fishing hooks and some candles.

So many ideas and so little time to complete each of my ideas should be a fun, creative 39 days.

I submitted an application to a new Design Team – the Robin’s Nest.  I have a really cool idea using just paper, which is also a Christmas Gift and that needs to be finished by December 2nd. 

So I am going to get back to work because unfortunately I can not afford one of Santa’s elves to help me finish these projects.

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