UPDATED: Countdown Santa Chimney Pattern (Only Took 2 Years)

UPDATED:  It was brought to my attention that the files were no there.  I apologize it took so long I had to rebuild everything because I in my infinite wisdom deleted the original files.  So here is the revamped directions for the Countdown Santa Chimney Pattern.
It only took me two years to complete this but I finally did – Original Post.  My Countdown to Christmas Chimney  pattern.  Santa you will have to create on your own but I recommend an oven baked clay – I used FIMO® for my Santa.

My Countdown to Christmas Chimney

Patterns:  Click on the picture to get a PDF download.  Remember making these for friends and family for free is okay  but making these for profit = BAD.

I hope you like the countdown pattern.  I know my kids love pulling the days to make Santa move down the chimney.

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