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How To Make Stash Straws

How To Make Stash Straws

I had a sick princess this past weekend and decided to make her something that would make her laugh.  I figured I would make her a stash straw – I also did a printable How-To so anyone can make one.    To download a PDF copy of the pattern and directions click on the directions. … Continue reading

Thinking Day 2012 – U.A.E.

Pin ItThis weekend revolved around Girl Scouts, Sunday was Thinking Day.  If you are unfamiliar with Thinking Day here is a brief synopses of what goes on:Each Troop picks a country the girls learn about a specific country, native food, dress, etc and shares with the other troops.  Our troop picked the United Arab Emirates, it was an easy pick because … Continue reading

NO – SEW Child’s Artist Smock

I made my daughter’s artist smock two years ago for Christmas.  I did not have a sewing machine that worked but I was quite handy with Liquid Stitch.  I have no idea where I saw this idea originally it was two years ago (and a baby later) but I wanted to share with everyone this … Continue reading

Yoga Pants Out of an OLD T-Shirt!

I was reading Nap Time = Craft Time Blog yesterday and she made these amazing yoga pants out of an old t-shirt.  I was like I can so do that (please keep in mind my sewing skills are maybe one notch above average.)  Straight lines maybe, curves not so much, and decorative stitches not so … Continue reading

Monster Book…

Monster Book…

Origami and I are mortal enemies but every now and then I actually do something right. I made a book. I can’t remember where I originally found the instructions to do it but I retyped everything from my experience and added a PDF for everyone to share. My book was a quick thing I made … Continue reading

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns…

I have decided to start making patterns to sell on my Etsy store. The first one I put up was the Chocolate Easter Bunny, I did ponder this for a long time because it wasn’t my idea. I did draw the pattern, write the directions, and make the bunny myself but the idea wasn’t mine … Continue reading