Reflections on last year’s goals…

Last year’s list reviewed before I write this years 😀

  • “Unplugged Sundays”  In the New Year I will NOT post on Sundays.  I plan on keeping my computer off and not even checking Facebook and email from my phone.  This will not be easy for me but I think if I unplug for a day a week my blog and my sanity will be saved.   
  • Result:  That really didn’t happen especially since I gave my mom my laptop.  We Skype on Sundays but I did keep up the no blog posts for the most part on Sunday.

  • I want to do a Date Night with my husband once a month nothing big coffee, a walk in the park,  maybe dinner – ONE RULE: NO CHILDREN!   
  • Result:  We did have a couple of date nights and made more of an effort to do a movie night (popcorn and NetFlix.)

  • A Couple Hours with friends once a week.  Whether it is coffee, tea, drinks or cards at my house or their house or somewhere else.  Just to talk and enjoy their company. 
  • Result:  I sort of do this I Skype with friends a couple times a week with friends.  It is quite nice we talk and craft.

  • Finish a Project a Week – that is right I am going to start a Finish It Friday.  I think this might get me on track.   
  • Result:  Sort of I did have some dry spells in there.  For the most part I got it done.

  • I am going to enter at least one competition next year for my painting.  I think this might help me boost my confidence in producing my art work.   
  • Result:  Did go out for several design teams and I did enter a Paint Chip Competition so yes I did do this. 

  • I want to try my hand at on-line Craft TV, do a watercolor video tutorial for my blog (yes Happy Trees will be mentioned more than once) or teaching a class at the local studio (I am crazy but I think it will be fun or an Epic Fail – lol!)   
  • Result:  YES!!  YES!! YES!! I did this and I am still doing it and I LOVE IT!!!!

  • I want to get prints on my Etsy Store.  I think I would have interested parties if I did this (or I could be missing the ball completely).   
  • Result:  Did NOT happen

  • I want to be organized (the roaring laughter you hear is my husband).  I have gotten better but I still have a huge wall to jump over, mainly because I don’t have enough boxes or bins (with locks).  Or once I get something organized I have a little man helping me (“Uh-Oh!”  contents of box emptied on the floor).   
  • Result:  Did NOT happen.

  • I also want to do a “Blog Hop” I am planning on doing a Christmas Card Blog Hop in 2011.  I hope I can keep up Christmas in July (in Savannah) might be hard.   
  • Result:  Yes I did three others beside the Festive Friday Blog Hop.

  • Artist Trading Cards – I plan on making a couple this year.  They look like fun and it might get me to finish stuff.   
  • Result:  I did one (better than none – lol.)

  • Maybe just maybe I will attempt a foreign language: French or Spanish.   
  • Result:  Nope the only Spanish I learned was from my 6 year old telling me what she learned in School on our walks home.

  • Computer off at 9pm (expect Tuesday & Wednesday nights, so I can watch Craft TV).  This will give me more time to paint and maybe even try this thing called “reading.”  
  • Result:  Not really.

  • Insulate the garage and get a digital thermostat (I finished the cabinets so these are the next things on the list).  
  • Result:  I did get a digital thermostat.  Garage still not insulated.

  • A new kitchen table with “matching” chairs.  My kitchen table is awesome but the chairs are a Budweiser Director’s chair, a computer chair and a wooden chair that we put a booster seat on for my daughter (my son is still in the high chair).  I think it is time we ditch the college look and get a real kitchen table with matching chairs.   
  • Result:  I did get a new kitchen table but no chairs.  Someday I will have matching chairs – lol.

Out of 14 I got about 50% – some of were half finished.  Not too bad considering I have a Booga.

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