Maternity Shirt Revamp and a Date Night Recap

Pin ItI really don’t have a lot of going out clothes (I have lounging around the house clothes and really fancy clothes nothing in between.)  Well Saturday was Date Night (fabulous dinner and an awesome concert) I was 0-6 for trying on outfits.  I posted on Facebook that I had nothing to wear for Date Night and one of my friends posted two links for shirt modifications.  They looked easy enough but I really didn’t want to cut up one of my comfy t-shirts but I did have a myriad amount of maternity shirts to play with.  I wanted something long selves and a nice fancy fabric (i.e. not cotton).  My friend directed me to a Pinterest Find she bookmarked – I looked up Tea Rose Home.  I loved the ruffles and the flower so I decided why not – if it doesn’t turn out no big deal, if it does YAY, new shirt.

Maternity Shirt
Seam Ripper (trust me sewing scissors takes FOREVER!)
Sewing Machine
Another Shirt or a Template for modification

1.  Take maternity shirt turn inside out, lay flat and place template over the shirt.  Trace with chalk.

2.  Take seam ripper (in my case I could not find one and used sewing scissors) rip out side seams up to the selves.  DO NOT RIP OUT SELVES – Sewing selves are a pain in the butt – leave them in-tacked!

3.  Pin, try on to check thickness and cut.  Save scraps (these will be your ruffles and flowers.

4.  Sew the sides of the shirt up with a Zig-zag stitch.

5.  Following the directions from Tea Rose Home create the flowers and ruffles – her’s has pictures and detailed directions (I forgot to take pictures).

6.  Add ruffles and flowers (I hand sewed my ruffles and flowers on – I am not that good with a sewing machine.)

7.  Once finished take lots of pictures of yourself and your husband on a date!

 My dinner Spinach Ravioli, Sweet Potato and a Pesto Cream Sauce
 Jeff’s Dinner – Seafood Corn Cream Soup
 Dessert – Chocolate Mousse Tart (Oh MY this was so GOOD!!!!)
 We got caught in a downpour walking to the concert (well worth the walk in the rain!)
 Gregg Allman
 Another shot of Gregg Allman – it was an awesome Concert!
 Night cap – Brooklyn Black Chocolate at The Distillery
Home after a wonderful evening!


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