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Yoga Bag

Yoga Bag

I have been going to Pilates for a couple months now on Tuesday and Fridays.  I have gotten over my fear of exercising with others.  Surprisingly I am enjoying it and actually feel guilty if I don’t make it (guilt is a wonderful motivator some days).  One of the ladies showed up last week with … Continue reading

Maternity Shirt Revamp and a Date Night Recap

Pin ItI really don’t have a lot of going out clothes (I have lounging around the house clothes and really fancy clothes nothing in between.)  Well Saturday was Date Night (fabulous dinner and an awesome concert) I was 0-6 for trying on outfits.  I posted on Facebook that I had nothing to wear for Date … Continue reading

Pillowcase Nightgown – How To

Pillowcase Nightgown – How To

My newest obsession is Pinterest – Pinterest is this insanely awesome website that lets you take ideas and “pin them” to your board.  I like to think of it as a virtual idea book.  The problem with Pinterest is that you get overwhelmed very easily with ideas.  I found a child’s Pillowcase Nightgown but it … Continue reading

The Search for a Clear Backpack…

The Littlest Pet Shop Case My daughter starts school August 30th and the only thing we were missing was a clear or mesh backpack. My criteria for this: it needs to at least appear that it will stay together longer than a week and it needs to be “girly” (my daughter wanted a pink one). … Continue reading

Happy Dance Day…

I learned to sew when I was in the 5th grade not because I wanted to but because I was made to.  My grandma signed me up for sewing classes, I wanted to play basketball.  My mom made me take sewing lessons and apologize to my grandma for my embarrassing out burst on how I … Continue reading

Yoga Pants Out of an OLD T-Shirt!

I was reading Nap Time = Craft Time Blog yesterday and she made these amazing yoga pants out of an old t-shirt.  I was like I can so do that (please keep in mind my sewing skills are maybe one notch above average.)  Straight lines maybe, curves not so much, and decorative stitches not so … Continue reading


Well I must admit I am a tad painted out but am still feeling “creative” so I decided to pull the felt out again and start sewing!  I have been sketching some ideas for kids games and today I cut out some stuff for felt games.  One of the ones I am making is a … Continue reading