Batten Down the Hatches here comes Beryl

This is quite an impressive photo and since Beryl has decided to damper our holiday weekend – I decided to blog about it.  Honestly Beryl didn’t put too big of a damper on our weekend because Jeff had to work.  He did have Friday and Saturday off, which was great.  The princess art show was Friday and we took her out for dinner (one of our favorite family restaurants – Basils).

I snapped a picture of me in the car on the way to dinner (yep the only photo).

Waiting on our pizza at Basils (the Booga was there but photos of him were difficult!)

The Princess (hamming it up) and her 1st place picture and ribbon (we are so proud of her!)


Tropical Storm Warning was issued so I pulled out the storm kit to see exactly what is needed.

Yep I keep GOOD Instant coffee in my storm kit – I NEED my coffee!

Jeff had a cousin passing through so we took the kids downtown to meet them and play tourist!

Booga watching the ships on River Street (LOVED IT!!!)

Savannah Bee Company – we have a honey “expert” Booga ate his weight in honey.

We stopped at Leopold’s Ice Cream


Oh yes, chocolate ice cream and the shirt remained yellow!  I was quite impressed.

The greatest thing ever!  A fountain you can play in – I never want to leave here.  We had to bribe with a stop at the second Savannah Bee Company Store.  Booga calls it the honey store!

The princess and Jeff being goofy!

As you can see it was a very busy Booga Day!

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