Happy Father’s Day (Special Post)

Jeff fixing the grammatically incorrect sign at my daughter’s school with a borrowed Sharpie from me. Yes, I keep a Sharpie in my purse you never know who you might run into.

Reading to the Princess

Reading to the Booga

I love those photos because they are some of the many reasons I love Jeff.  He is an amazing father and a wonderful husband and I would not change a thing about you (maybe giving me your Chocolate Boch but that is it  🙂 – I love you!)

This week has been packed to the max with projects and I also got the Cricut out which my children now call Jiminy.  The princess was quite confused on why we were making cards for Pop-Pop and PaPa but not Ken and Bill.  I almost put Ken on one card and Bill on the other but I figured Pop-Pop and PaPa was more appropriate.  Here are some photos of the princess working on cards for grandpas:

Card for Pop-Pop

Me, Booga and Ken – Taken last year at Oatland

Card for PaPa

My dad and I

My wedding day – I love this photo of us

I also want to give a Happy Father’s Day to my grandfathers who are looking down on us.

PaPa Ray and I

I know he is up there cringing because I have the graduation photo of us together but this photo hung in his bathroom at his house. I laughed at it every time I saw it.

So there you have it my annual Father’s Day post that the Fathers in my life.  Thank you for everything Ken, Dad and Jeff – I love you all!

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