Our New Birdhouses

Our first day project of Summer Vacation was painting birdhouses.  This was an easy project that kept the kids occupied for about a half hour.  They really enjoyed using paint and I also thought decorating them with stickers would also be fun.  My table is currently covered with paper and will be for the rest of the summer because it makes it so much easier to do projects in a hurry.


  • Dollar Birdhouses
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Brushes
  • Stickers
  • Outdoor Sealer

Unfinished birdhouses – I purchased for $1.00 a piece at Joann’s

Painting the birdhouses

Booga’s birdhouse being painted

The princess painting the birdhouse.

The kids painting their birdhouses

The Princess’s Birdhouse Finished

The Princess’s birdhouse side view with stickers.

Put Outdoor Sealer on the birdhouses if you want to hang them outside.  Also Booga’s birdhouse is MIA (I think it is in his room being used as a Thomas house).

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