What I am working on…

Well on top of it being Summer Vacation, meaning we are doing a project a day and the kids don’t let me forget.  I just need to find time to blog about them so I can share.  I finally finished the piggy painting and I hope to mail him today (huge weight lifted!)


I also decided to turn the Blogger Blog – www.ajsartsanddesigns.com into a full artistic website because I am crazy.  Surprisingly progress has been fairly speedy so it has not been as difficult as I thought (I think I actually know what I am doing or sort of know what I am doing).  Here is the logo for A.J.’s Arts and Designs, I am really excited about this because I have been wanting to do this for quite some time.

I hope you will check it out and I would love to know what everyone thinks of the “artistic website” I am quite pleased with the sleek design of it.

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