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Gift Tag Ornaments

Gift Tag Ornaments

We had three birthday parties this weekend which means I had ornaments to make.  When my daughter started going to birthday parties I started making all of her friend’s gift tag ornaments.  I have been told by parents they love it and want me to keep doing it.  Booga had a birthday party this weekend … Continue reading

What I am working on

I have been updating my Etsy Store (I actually re-listed a ton of things) this weekend.  My goal is to have the Wizard of Oz figures up by the weekend.  I have two more to go.  I finished the Tin Woods Man and the Scarecrow.  I can’t even described how pleased I am how they … Continue reading

Creative Paperclay® and Articus Studio Molds

Pin ItIf you are looking for the The Robin’s Nest Project, please scroll down! For this project I needed to use a mold from Articus Studio – I chose the Frozen Charlotte Mold. Materials:   Creative Paperclay® Modeling Materials Articus Studio™ Stamp Fondant Roller Switch Plate Cover Terri Sproul’s Mixers  Roll out the clay and stamp … Continue reading

It Would Take A Man 600 Years…

If you did not get the quote you have never seen the movie Shawshank Redemption with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman (highly recommended if you have not seen it).  Christmas is just around the corner and I have been working frantically on Christmas gifts for friends and family which leads me to this design team … Continue reading

Making Charms

I am making charms I am pretty happy with how they turning out.  They are tiny have a ton of detail and I have too many ideas to keep up with.  I am torn if I should cast them in PMC or just do resin.  I am thinking of doing a logo and coming up … Continue reading

WIP – Wednesday – Christmas Ornaments

You read that right I am starting on Christmas Ornaments and actually have several completed before September (YAY – ME!)  Last year I made several ornaments and donated 50% of the proceeds to charity.  The only ornaments I was able to complete last year were the Star for The Trevor Project, the Snowman for St. … Continue reading

Weekend wrap up…

Well I started on Christmas ornaments for my Etsy Store, I have made 7 so far (5 are pictured).  All are in various states of completion.  I have only one that is complete (and since that is my next paperclay blog post – I am not going to show a picture of that one). I … Continue reading