Vacation Recap

I am sorry I have been M.I.A. the past couple of weeks but we went on vacation to Michigan for my brother’s wedding.  Instead of writing what we did each day I decided just to pick a couple photos of our trip from that day (in some cases multiple photos) and narrate our vacation that way.

Day One:

Lexington, KY

Day 2:

The Henry Clay Estate – Lexington, KY

Day 3:

Playing in the water with the cousins – Milwaukee, WI

Day 4:

Tie Dye Party – I tie dyed my Bob Ross Shirt – Green Bay, WI

Day 5:

LAMBEAU FIELD – Green Bay, WI. The Booga and the Princess in from of Vince Lombardi Statue

The NEW Zoo – Green Bay, WI

Michigan Sign – I hadn’t seen this sign in 4 1/2 years

E.T. Sundae from my grandma’s ice cream shop

My good friend Heather and I we haven’t seen each other in almost 12 years.

Day 6:

Breakfast at Elmer’s with the family – Escanaba, MI

One of many cabinets in my grandma’s basement. I did not get to go through all of them.

What my cousins and I do when we get together – we color.

Day 7:

Grandma Helen kissing Booga

My aunt Laurel and I at the rehearsal dinner.  Why yes I did get a hair cut and my hair dyed (with hemp) thank you for noticing.   Photo taken by Bethany Towns Martens

Day 8 – The Wedding:

My parents, Jeff and the kids. Photo taken by Bethany Towns Martens

My brother (the groom) and the Princess dancing.  Photo taken by Bethany Towns Martens.

Day 9:  Jeff’s Birthday (the birthday boy got a Mr. Goodbar Avalanche – it is just like a Blizzard)

Jeff and I at Lake Michigan – one of my favorite photos I took on vacation

Day 10:

My good friend Lisa and I – once again it had been 12 years since we seen each other.

Grandma Dona and I at the U.P. State Fair eating Norm’s Famous French Fries. Even my dad went to the fair (which never happens) and had a blast with the kids.

Day 11:

The must stop place in Wisconsin – Seguins Cheese. A picture of the bag of cheese curds I bought. Is it bad I remember when these were $3.00 a pound? Yes they were really good and they were worth every penny!

Day 12:

Digging for bones at the Orpheum Children’s Museum with Auntie Anna – Champaign, IL

Day 13:

The Great Smoky Mountains – Gatlinburg, TN

Day 14:

The family in front of the Great Smoky Mountains Sign – I am thinking Christmas Card this year.

So there you have it our 14 day trek across 10 states to visit family and attend my brother’s wedding.  We had a blast seeing the sites and spending time with family and friends.

I also want to say today is my birthday (note the time of the blog post), I am 33 (yes I could careless who knows my age, it is just a number).  Jeff and the kids baked me a cake yesterday (pictures to come tomorrow) it was fantastic.  I enjoyed my vacation and my birthday with my family, they both were fantastic.

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