Back to School – “Glitter” Personalization

Every year I go through the same thing personalizing school supplies.  Our school has a pretty strict dress code including clear or mesh backpacks which are really hard to personalize.  I always have visions of my daughter coming home with another child’s backpack because they all look the same.  I know the teachers really appreciate the personalization of the supply boxes, backpacks and lunch box.

Last year we bought a high end lunch box with the thought it would last more than one year.  I was cleaning it Friday night and noticed the handles were almost off.  Being it was the weekend before school and I knew there would be NO place in the city that would have a lunch box I pulled out my daughter’s lunch box from Pre-K.  Besides the fact it was dirty it was in great shape everything worked and the handle was still attached.  I scrubbed the lunchbox with some cleaning solution and an old toothbrush.  I was informed by the Princess I needed to add some GLITTER to the lunchbox to make it sparkle!  I pulled out my PLAID® Extreme Glitter Paints and got to work.  I applied two coats of Extreme Glitter (Rose – the Princess FAVORITE! and Turquoise) to make the lunchbox really sparkle.  At first I went around everything (the turquoise) after that took way too much time I decided to just paint the Rose over the polka dots and it worked GREAT and it saved time!


Lunchbox painted with PLAID® Extreme Glitter.

Close up of Lunchbox painted with PLAID® Extreme Glitter.

Since I had the paint out and still needed to personalize the backpack.  I added the Extreme Glitter to the straps of the backpack to help personalize the backpack.  After I was done with the straps on the backpack and allowed the Extreme Glitter to dry I pulled out my Purple Staz-On ink pad and some stamps to stamp the straps.

Strap of backpack painted with PLAID® Extreme Glitter. Stamped with Staz-on Ink Pad.

Close up of the Strap on the backpack painted with PLAID® Extreme Glitter. Stamped with Staz-on Ink Pad.

I am really happy (the Princess is too) on how the backpack and the lunchbox turned out.  I am pretty sure I will not have to worry about the Princess bringing home someone elses backpack or lunchbox this year.




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