Finish it Friday (I mean Saturday)

I was going to post yesterday but now that my children have more of a social life than I do my priorities have shifted.  The Princess now has Karate Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays, we have Girl Scouts the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month and random other activities that we plan as a family usually on Saturdays.  The only reason why I am posting today is because Booga had an EPIC meltdown preventing us (him and I from going to Book Fest).  This week was a long, long week, I worked on a Graphic Design (very last minute) Project.  My back cover was selected to be the back of a book so I am extremely excited about that.  If I would have had more time on the front cover it might have worked out but I am excited to have my design on the back cover.  I can dort of get use to this being paid on a regular basis for Graphic Design Work.  As soon as I get the okay to post it from the Publishing Company I will share and add it to my portfolio but I am pretty sure I will have to wait until January to actually post it.

I also finished more digis and digi shoppe papers which are really fun.  I finding that the sketching in an actual sketchbook much more enjoyable than I remember so I have been sketching a lot.  The nice thing is the sketchbook is portable so I can take it with me and jot down ideas or whatever while I am away from my computer and home (which is way more frequent).

Another thing that I had been procrastinating on was uploading my Ustream videos to You Tube, I am happy to report after 3 hours of uploading I finally got everything uploaded to You Tube (yay me!)  Meaning I will stop spamming everyone who is my Facebook friend (thanks UStream for that feature).

I actually finished some scrapbook pages this week (which shocked me too).  The pages used the Page Map from the Digi Shoppe Newsletter, I created.  I used my own papers and had so much fun working on them.  I do plan to start adding the Page Maps to the blog and the website so anyone can download them at will.


This is the Page Map:


Since I can’t seem to get my scanner to work (yes it has been one of those weeks) I will have to update this post later with some actual photos.  I promise I really did get pages done for my scrapbook – lol.


I hope everyone has a great weekend if I get some more scrapbooking done and get my scanner to play nice I might 🙂

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