12 Upcycled Ornaments – Bottle Cap Tree Ornament

I am always up for a Challenge and when Leslie (from the ODD Show) Proposed an upcycled ornament challenge, I thought it was the prefect idea to get me out of my creative funk.  The only requirements were to create and ornament and it had to be upcycled!

I pulled out my bottle caps and sorted them (my OCD kicked in):

bottle caps

My bottle caps

As you can see I started arranging an playing with them and created some other ornaments that I will post for the challenge.  To check out how to created the tree click on the photo and it will take you to the ODD Show Live Blog.

Close up of the Bootle Cap Tree

Close up of the Bootle Cap Tree

I think I hve finally gotten out of my creative funk (I hope so because I really need to work on some stuff this week.)

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