My Blog is 3

My blog actually turned 3 on the 11th and I missed my blog-o-versary.  I honestly can’t believe I missed it but I have been crazy busy, karate, Girl Scouts, homework, Digi Shoppe, Play Dates for Booga and Jillian… my children have more of a social life than I do.  I also forgot to add a little bit of potty training which is absolute hell on earth.  I always try to remember why I started my blog it was to help me stay on task with two small children.  My blog have turned into so much more, it is like a third child.  Recently a very neglected third child because I really have hit a dry spell creatively.  Sad but true, I created my first “crafty thing” in close to 2 months.  I can say it felt good and I think once I find the correct ribbon it will look fantastic but right now it still looks unfinished.

It is weird when the Princess was Booga’s age we made so many projects I can’t even count.  Booga is a Booga, so nothing is easy when I try to create with him, he gets frustrated and I get frustrated so I opt not to do it.  In a way I feel Booga is getting shafted because I did/do so many more projects with the Princess.  Even recently though I haven’t been doing projects with the Princess because Booga impedes our efforts.  I am trying to find a balance and by balance I mean something that the both will enjoy and that Booga won’t destroy after the Princess finishes it.

I am trying to rediscover myself, my creativity, and what exactly it is I want out of my blog.  I love sharing and teaching but sometimes you need to step back and say what are you doing.  I think this might be one of those times.  I always try to post content but recently it hasn’t happened and I am aware of this fact.  I think for a while I am going to try to post a couple days a week – I have pretty much dropped Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  This has helped quite a bit because I don’t feel as guilty.  I think I will continue this way for a while, I love blogging but it takes time and time is quite valuable recently.  In the new year I will probably revamp the days I post (no weekends for sure and maybe 3 times a week) I think dropping another day will help for a while (until Booga is fully potty trained).

I want to thank everyone for sticking it out through thick and thin (I know lately it has been thin).  I hope to find some time to type some posts this weekend and to actually create some new projects.  It is the holiday season and I usually am creating stuff like a mad women this time of year.  I do have some really exciting things that I am working on but they are so in the infancy stage of development that I don’t even really want to mention them.

I am hoping to find my creative spark and my holiday spirit this weekend.

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