How Replacing a Faucet Turned Into a FUBAR

This weekend Jeff and I decided to replace our bathrooms (yes both) faucets we had replaced our kitchen faucet a while back figured the bathroom would be an easy update.  We went to Home Depot and bought a beautiful faucet, a lighting fixture (ours is dying only two of the three things work) and paint (I am finally repainting the last untouched room in our house).  I was so excited my plan was easy, replace the ugly, rusted brass shelf paint and replace the faucet.

The first order of business was to take out the faucet.  We did forget a basin wrench and a plumbers wrench so we had to go to Ace to get those.  We got home and started our grand adventure in plumbing one side came out with no problem.  The second nut was a different story, the second one had been welded on, yes welded which led to several hours of cursing and beating the side of the cabinet in frustration.  Finally we gave up and cut our losses.  We made the choice to get a new vanity and sink.  Our main challenge was to get one that did not require us to rip out the flooring because we like the flooring and that is a pain.

We went to Home Depot today and got the sink/vanity, a cabinet and a new mirror.  I was less than pleased with this whole ordeal (actually I was really pissed off and couldn’t wait to tear the old cabinet out) I know I am also speaking for Jeff when I say this.  We removed the horrendous brass shelf and the mirror (only to find an unpainted, unprimed wall IN A BATHROOM).  The best was yet to come when we finally removed the vanity (which was an old kitchen cabinet with three holes cut for the pipes) we found an unpainted subfloor underneath that had some water damage, the corner seams were not finished (no tape and spackel) and my personal favorite the hole from a crowbar where a previos owner tried to remove the vanity, gave up and sealed the old one up.  By this point and time I was beyond frustrated.  I called 1-800-DIAL-MOM to ask what could I use to “patch” the giant hole in the wall when I didn’t have a patch kit.  She asked me if I had screen and a staple gun, I have both so I created a patch with that.  It didn’t have to be perfect because it is where the vanity is going anyways.

Jeff treated the floor with Kilz2 Primer (which we had) before he went to work.  Booga and I washed the walls and I started painting the trim brown.  I know what you are thinking why are you painting the trim now Amanda you are suppose to do it after.  If I paint the trim after it won’t happen I hate painting trim, so as I sit here typing this at 9pm my trim is 95% finished.  I plan on finishing the trim, and start on the wall color (which I pray this bathroom looks as fantastic as it does in my head).

There you have it I am getting a new bathroom and this is my biggest DIY project we have tackled in our house.  Granted I am not “building” anything but I am learning a lot, like how I will never touch another plumbing project again.  As for the other sink and the other faucet I am pretty sure it will be a cold day in hell before Jeff and I replace that faucet (even though it is sitting in our laundry room).  I will have photos of what it looked like before and after but for now here is the no sink and what my bathroom currently looks like.

Like the hole one of my favorite finds of the day.

Like the hole one of my favorite finds of the day.

I do need to snap a photo of the sink/vanity on the front porch for prosperity because nothing says “classy” like a sink on your front porch.

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