Part 1: The Beginning of Our DIY Bathroom

I grew up helping my dad and uncle build things so my knowledge of tool care and how-to do stuff is quite vast (when I mean helping I mean doing all the crap jobs they didn’t want to do – lol.)  I know how to install insulation, how to hang dry wall, how to frame a wall (I have framed several, including a wall in a cement basement), mudding, drywall patching, install a fence and tiling.  Up until a week ago we (Jeff and I) have never done a major home renovation for several reasons:  if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, money (renovations are expensive) and we have a Booga.  When our faucet wouldn’t come out of the sink we never intended the floor to be ripped up, we only wanted to replace the vanity.  When we discovered our wires not being in an outlet box, we didn’t want to put a giant hole in the wall to replace the light.  When we discovered the moldy baseboards and corner round by this time we were like screw it we are replacing it.  The tile was because it would be pretty and hide the ripped part of the drywall that I wasn’t able to get a good patch on without replacing the drywall.

I admit I was extremely nervous doing this because I always had that person (my dad or uncle) there to guide me.  I also had very few tools to do this project, up until Valentine’s Day I didn’t own anything but a miter saw/box (hand not power), I did not even own a hacksaw (we borrowed the neighbors far more than we should have.)  We had to get it done and I told Jeff , we can do it and then we know it would be don right.  Granted I did do 1-800-DIAL-DAD quite a bit but Jeff and I did this bathroom all by ourselves.  This was uncharted waters but we learned so much in this endeavor.  The biggest was always expect the worse if you are replacing the faucet you might have to replace the bathroom floor too.  For instance the floor that was completely by accident if I didn’t remove that baseboard we would have has mold growing unseen in our bathroom.  If we didn’t remove the light we would have never known the wire had been drilled through the beam and not put in an outlet box.

Am I glad we tackled this project?  YES because now we are both looking around trying to figure out what needs to happen next.  Booga’s flooring (since he has sub-flooring only with carpets) and the hallway (which I ended up ripping out and tiling)  We have also decided next year we are going to tackle our master bathroom because it is bad and probably just as bad (or worse) than the one we just did.

I promise there will be pictures soon and even a couple of how-tos.  It has definitely been a huge learning experience that we are all really proud of.

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