Taking Some Time Off

I know it seems recently I have been been doing that quite a bit but I need more time.  I am thinking only Wordless Wednesdays for the time – I managed to fix the WordPress App. on my phone, Booga did something to it and I had to uninstall it and reinstall it.  I have been working on the Digi Shoppe quite a bit and a giant colored pencil drawing and all my free time (what little I have, have been consumed by those items.)  We recently joined the YMCA so on weekends instead of being home we are at the pool, I am going to have one heck of a tan this summer.  I also have been going to a “REAL” gym, not as scary as I thought people honestly could careless on how you look.  Another scary hurdle I managed to jump over, I am still scared of Spinning® and don’t foresee that in the future.

I am hoping in June to get back to typing tutorials (I have at least four) and to get back into blogging at least twice a week.

I am back on Instagram: ajsartsanddesigns

I also set up my Tumblr Account for progress photos only: http://ajsarts.tumblr.com/

Digi Shoppe Blog (where I seem to be spending most of my time):  www.ajsdigishoppeblog.blogspot.com

I am doing the Operation Write Home Blog Hop this year but only for the Digi Shoppe, I will post the card once it is finished.

Thank you everyone for understanding and I am hoping for a nice relaxing summer (no huge trip this year, meaning I might get some scrapbooking done).

Booga in the pool

Booga in the pool

The Princess and I (yes I did have sunscreen on, reapplied it and yes I was still very red.)

The Princess and I (yes I did have sunscreen on, reapplied it and yes I was still very red.)

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