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Welcome to Leslierahye’s Fairy Blog Hop!  I am so happy you stopped in to see my fairy project!

We love fairies and my daughter really wanted me to make her a “captured fairy necklace” so she could have her own fairy with her at all times.  I saw this idea on Etsy and thought it was amazing and had to make one.   The one on Etsy was not as in depth (just a bead and tulle) the princess requested a “full fairy” which meant legs, arms, head and wings.

Fairy in a bottle

I took a seed bead and wrapped it with copper wire to form the body. I added tulle for the wings. I then added clear glitter glue to the inside of the bottle. The bottle was an old plastic bead tube that I cut to be 1 1/4″ long. I placed the an eye hook in the top of the cork before gluing the cork on.

Fairy necklace

I added pink ribbon to complete the necklace.

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9 thoughts on “Leslierahye’s Fairy Blog Hop

  1. What a wonderful idea, I love how you have captured not just the fairy but also some of her magic and I am sure your daughter is thrilled to bits with it.

  2. How cute and clever and adorable and divine! I must borrow this. I am also enjoying the rest of your blog as well, such wonderful tutorials, I anticipate spending some time going through them. Thank you so much!

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