Backyard Beautification Part 1

There have been lots of things on my To-Do List and our backyard is one of those items.  I really wanted a new fence this year well that didn’t happen because of the bathroom renovation.  I recently have been spending way more time back there than I have in the 5 years we have lived here.  This is mainly because we have a Reeva who likes to run and on some occasions escape from her collar and leash.  The one thing that bothered me the most is our old fence gate besides falling apart it was really short.  It was so short Reeva could jump it and had several times.  Recently my neighbors were getting rid of a whole bunch of wood I asked if I could keep it.  They were like sure and they brought me a brand new section of the fence.  It sat in my garage until this weekend when I realized I had enough wood to fix the fence and it would be 8″ taller meaning no one could jump it.

When I was in high school my I helped my dad hang a privacy fence and we built the gate.  I remember him telling me that the most important thing it to reinforce each side otherwise it will fall apart.

I forgot to take a before but you can see the old gate that was falling apart.

I forgot to take a before but you can see the old gate that was falling apart.

Look my fence - After

Look my fence – After

Next up in the backyard will be pressure washing the fence and demolition of our shed.  We are also looking at getting some replacement beams and prop up the side deck.  I am really excited about the deck because I am going to build some adirondack chairs for the deck and paint them blue like the ones we had at camp when I was a kid.

I hope more progress photos of the backyard next week and some how-tos coming soon!

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