One Step Forward, Two Back

Every morning I wake up and walk Reeva to our backyard this morning I went back there without Reeva only to remember when I got to the gate, wait I have a dentist appointment and no doggie with me.  I went to the appointment and then went for a run (only day 2 of running, a story for another day) and came home.  I noticed the neighbor’s yard was mowed, I went inside got Reeva and headed to the backyard only to realize something was wrong with the gate.  I got in the backyard and Reeva sat down in front of the hole in my fence.

Nice hole in my fence

Nice hole in my fence from the side it was hit from

Of course I was extremely upset especially since the new gate and hinges are not even 2 weeks old.  We did all the insurance stuff (police report) and contacted the company, who said they would take care of it.  Granted my fence wasn’t in the best shape but that was the “good side” and they also cracked the beam that the gate was attached, which is why it is wonky.  The thing I was the most upset about was the fact they just assumed we wouldn’t notice, they didn’t knock on they door and say hey we hit your fence.  Instead they just left hoping we wouldn’t find out they messed up our fence and our new gate.

There you have I fixed the fence gate it didn’t even make it two weeks before it was broke.  Honestly my money was on Booga breaking the gate by the end of summer.  I hope everyone has a great week I will keep you posted on how fast this will be fixed.

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