A Photo A Day With My Kids

One of the things I started this year is a photo documentation project with my kids.  I really wanted to see how much they (and I) change in a year.  I came up with a hash tag (crazy I know) #photoadaywithmykid and each day I take a “selfie” with each kid.  They are loving it, I am too because I don’t have make-up on it isn’t photoshopped or air brushed it is us.  I love photography and family photos taken by a professional but that isn’t us.  We are not the preppy perfect family I do believe we would be a photographer’s worst nightmare because Jeff would say to them NO PHOTOSHOPPING.  I have bags under my eyes and lines on my face, I have white hairs becoming more prominent because I haven’t dyed my hair in several months.  Booga’s hair is everywhere (oh we are talking Albert Einstein everywhere), he may have a milk mustache and the princess’s hair is decorated with over the top headbands, her face probably dawns a milk mustache too, but that is us and I really like being able to capture this.

They are real life photos so I can see how much they have changed in a year also get me in some photos.  If you want to see my progress check out on Instagram.  If you want to play along #photoadaywithmykid I would love to get more parents to do this project.  They are only young once and just maybe someday they will look back at it a be happy you took time to do that with them.


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