I’m Ready…

After five years of staying home with my children (now 8 and 4) I am starting the process of going back to work full time.  I started the process last October when an opportunity came along, I interviewed but I did not get the job.  Since then I have been doing my research on what exactly I want to do.  I have been thinking long and hard about this and going back into the hospitality industry.  I miss it, I know it sounds weird but ask anyone who has been in the business and left they miss it.  I have been out of the hotel business for five years, I admit I miss it quite a bit and with the prospect of both kids being in school full time in the fall I need something, so I don’t become the Blerch.

My word for this year is “Create” I am looking at this as inspiration to create a new opportunity for me.  I am looking to create a better future for my children and family.  I honestly have no idea what to expect but what I do know is I love hospitality, the good, the bad and the down right outrageous stuff that comes with it.  I love my adopted city and I want to share that love with guests of this amazing city.  I’m ready!  I’m ready!  I’m ready! as SpongeBob would say (see I need to interact with more adults, I quote SpongeBob).

I will still keep my blog, Etsy Shop, writing for Craft Critique and the Digi Shoppe so not much will change in that respect.  What will change if I get a job is how I manage my time and what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.  I am excited, the thought of having a professional dye my hair again is exciting, so is wearing a suit with make-up and of course getting my nails done on a regular basis.  It doesn’t seem like a lot but I haven’t wore heels on a regular basis in five years, I put them on now and my kids ask “where are you going mom?”

I am excited and a tad nervous but I am finally ready to do something else because quite frankly I am bored and jealous of my friends who have jobs.  I know there are lots of things to do around my house and I do them but I spend most days in my pjs until 3pm (I change when I go get my daughter from school, I don’t want to embarrass her).  I want to get out of the house more and be more productive, I also crave adult conversation (I feel sorry for the tour guides who call in because most days that is my adult conversation for the day).  There you have it my way to “create” a better me by finding my way again in the hospitality industry.

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