Back to Work

It is official, I am headed back to work tomorrow.  I will be working at a hotel but not in the operations department, I will be working as an activities coordinator.  I am so excited about this opportunity and I think it will be a very fun and exciting job.

What does this mean for my blog and Digi Shoppe?  Well I will post every now and then to check in.  I am still writing for Craft Critique so I won’t disappear completely.  The Digi Shoppe will probably be put on the back burner for a while.  Between school and work I think it may be a tad difficult to keep it up.  For the most part I will keep the shop and add when I can but the blog will be pretty quiet.

I have a back log of tutorials to type out and put on here, I know I will get around to it but until I get into a routine focusing on my blog and the Digi Shoppe will be difficult.

I hope everyone has a great week and I will pop in every now with something new and fun to do.


Manda 🙂

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