It is almost AUGUST…

Since I have been M.I.A. pretty much the whole summer I figured I would give a lovely review of my summer.  I haven’t been crafting or creating for myself or Etsy Shop primarily because I have been working and going to school full time.  I can honestly say I managed a 99% in one class and 98% in another this summer, words can not describe how excited I am about this.  I did set up my Etsy Shop again I hope to have some new stuff very soon!

I admit I have fallen off the exercise bandwagon I have had a sinus thing that went into my chest making it impossible to workout.  My body misses the almost daily workout from Jillian Michaels.  I will say I haven’t gained a ton of weight which makes me happy (maybe 3 pounds).

I also love my job, I didn’t realize how much I appreciate where I am until I started on the Concierge desk helping out a little over a month ago.  I did Concierge when I worked at my old job but I was never allowed to do Concierge.  Meaning I would have to take room reservations, tour reservations, dinner reservations, give directions, fix groups, answer phones and do whatever else they wanted me to.  For me when I did it there I didn’t like it because it was one more thing I had to do.  Now I only do Concierge stuff, I only book tours, dinner reservations, give directions and the occasional doc reservation.  I have worked a long time to find a place where I am happy and I am appreciated, I have finally found it.

With the move to the Concierge desk I have needed to expand my wardrobe.  I have not been “real clothes shopping” in over five years.  Most all my clothes for work have come from Thrift Stores.  I finally decided it is time to start rebuilding the wardrobe.  When I worked in a hotel before I had 9 full suits, plus a ton of shirts, shoes, skirts, etc.  I have 3 suits, 3 jackets, 5 pairs of pants, 2 skirts and 8 shirts (2 of which need to be starched before wearing).  Don’t get me started on my lack of shoes.  

My shoes over the years fell apart so I threw them out.  When I started at the hotel I only had two pairs of shoes one brown and one black (the brown were heels).  As someone who at one point and time had an impressive shoe collection this was heartbreaking.  I also know I am cheap, I love Clarks and I know how comfy they are but there is no way I am paying that kind of money.  I have found I am far more responsible than I was when I worked at the hotel the last time.  Before I thought nothing about dropping $225 (or more) to color my hair every three months.  I thought nothing about getting a manicure every other week at $35.  I also thought nothing about dropping money on clothes.  For example I tried on this amazing dress yesterday six years ago I would have bought it.  Yesterday it went back on the rack, $130 is a tad too rich for my blood even if it is Ralph Lauren.  I find myself wanting to look nice but not wanting to spend a dime on doing it.  I would rather spend it on art supplies or something for the kids.

The Ralph Lauren dress.  Very cute and very me but $130 no way.

The Ralph Lauren dress. Very cute and very me but $130 no way.

2014-07-30 14.22.56

Ignore the white skirt it would have worked if it was a pencil skirt. I bought the top so my shopping trip wasn’t a huge waste of time.

I know I have turned into one of those people who take selfies of themselves trying stuff on.  In my defense I needed a second opinion so I sent them to my mom (who lives in Michigan) and my friend (who was at work).

I will say I have never been this small looking for work clothes which brings me to another point in my shopping quest yesterday.  Just because I am a size 10/12 doesn’t mean I want Pink, Coral, Yellow or Turquoise Hot Pants for work.  Also I look AWFUL in Coral!  I can wear almost every color however coral is not that color.  How to explain me in Coral – nope I can’t because it would just give you nightmares.  I tried on so many outfits some were so bad I should have took pictures just because.  My favorite was white pants (very comfy, a tad too long), a white sleeveless shirt, with a beautiful turquoise cardigan.  In theory this combination was amazing however…  The cardigan reminded me of the scene in Tommy Boy where Chris Farley is dancing around singing Fat Guy in a little coat.  I really did start humming this in the dressing room and started laughing uncontrollably.  I got some strange looks from people when I walked our of the dressing room.  Another thing I want to mention about dressing rooms, if you are in the dressing room, shut the damn door.  Don’t yell at me because you decided to leave the door open making it seem like it is empty.  The door when closed makes it so people like me can’t just waltz in a have a peek (yes it was a tad traumatizing for all involved).

I have also been Pinning because I have dreams that I will actually be able to craft some day very soon.  For now I am going to relax and pin some more before we head out to the ballgame tonight!  Happy August!

PS: I am the proud owner of a full size Red Swingline Stapler that I will totally put Milton on when I open it.

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