I survived Business Law…

Okay so it has been a couple weeks since I have written mainly because I have been working and had school.  The one class I dreaded taking when I saw it on the requirements for my major was Business Law.  Business Law was/is the only class I have ever failed, I took it in High School and didn’t need the class to graduate.  My teacher was not much of a teacher because he was retiring at the end of the year and my class was his last class of the day.  Basically it was a huge waste of time and there were other things I would rather be doing than sit listening to him talk about his golf game.  After about two weeks in the class I finally had it and asked if we were going to learn anything in the class besides his handicap.  He got mad, yelled at me and told me to leave his class.  I did leave and went to the art room to throw pots.  The next day I finally asked my teacher if I checked in every day with him would he not mark me absent and I would just go to the art room instead.  I didn’t need the class to graduate, I just needed to show that I was there.  He agreed and allowed me to have a permanent hall pass to the art room.

This time around it was completely different the big thing was I was paying for it.  I found Business Law, depressing and I can’t understand how anyone could do this for a living.  It was a draining class because the cases and laws we discussed were extremely depressing and reading a 96 page briefing of legal jargon is not fun.  It was only a five week class which is good because I couldn’t have survived a ten week class.  Somehow I managed a 97% in Business Law and the cherry on top is knowing I will never have to take another Business Law class again!

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