M.I.A. – I don’t even know where to start…

The last time I wrote I had just completed Business Law quite a bit has happened since then.  First I am on crutches, I sustained a third degree tear of the left calf muscle playing kickball.  You read that right I did it playing kickball, meaning I have officially retired from playing all childhood sports.  I have four weeks of Physical Therapy (i.e. torture therapy) three times a week.  I did find out today we have a $4,000 deductible meaning we get to fit the whole damn bill for Physical Therapy.  I keep reminding myself it could always be worse, which is little comfort.

On a sadder note my dear friend’s brother lost his battle with lymphoma.  I wish I lived closer so I could be there to help them during this difficult time.  I am in the process of creating some ornaments for my Etsy Shop and proceeds will go to the Seth M. Diamond Memorial Fund.  It is truly sad how expensive cancer is and much debt is left once the person is no longer there.  My heart truly breaks for them and I wish I could give her the biggest hug in the world.

On a bright note I have been up to my ears with Gingerbread, I have been planning, planning and planning – it is here.  I can’t believe it, entry forms are due tomorrow and the houses are due November 17th.  TWENTY DAYS from now!!!!  I have completed my training and am now a certified concierge, something I was honored with earlier this month (along with five others).  I am extremely happy with this accomplishment, I worked hard for it and I have a cool pin to show for it!

Receiving my pin

Receiving my pin from the Tourism Leadership Council

I am also happy to report that my thyroid after years of up and down nonsense is completely normal (whatever that is).  I haven’t been exercising as much due to the injury making it very easy for me to gain weight.  I do think some of the weight I have gained is muscle from the crutches (it could also be from the Halloween Candy I have been eating).  I am going to have huge arms by the end of this endeavor.

There you have it what I have been up to for the past couple of months.  I did complete a home improvement project that I hope to do a before and after on very soon.

I almost forgot – I VOTED today!  Don’t forget to vote!  It does matter and it is important!

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