Day 3 – Ramblings

I have managed to exercise for three straight days with minimum complaining and I haven’t died.  I decided last night to do measurements and weight.  Wasn’t too happy with that but I did it anyways, the reality of why I am doing this hit me – 176 pounds (ugh).   Didn’t do before pictures primarily because I don’t think people really want to see my very white belly right now.  Maybe if I have washboard abs at the end of this I will buy some tanning spray and take a photo.

My biggest concentration is actually eating enough food and quality food (fruit and veggies).  This is my biggest challenge because I know I don’t eat enough.  One would think I would be eating 2000 calories a day, I admit I haven’t hit 1500 calories since I started tracking however I am far more conscious of it.  I am glad that I love veggies because I would be in big trouble if I didn’t.  This morning’s workout I only felt like I was going to die during the first portion opposed to the whole workout so I call that progress.  I always forget how hard the shred is but it gets the job done and I know this.  I still stand by the fact if I ever meet Jillian Michaels in person I will punch her in the face.  I always get a laugh when I say it because it is the truth.  My goals are simple, I want my pants to fit without Spanx and I want to buy new clothes which I have prohibited until I can fit back into my old clothes.  I needed motivation so that is it, no new clothes until the clothes I own fit again without Spanx.

I will say since I am eating more and healthy stuff, I find myself quite hungry.  Today for example I had a huge salad with lots of veggies for lunch.  I am standing here typing this and I am starving, I never get this hungry.  Maybe it is working, maybe this whole workout thing is actually working.  Not sure, I will say my back feels better even after standing for 10 hours so if nothing else my back pain is far less.

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