Day 2 – oh boy…

I have completed day 2, I also realized I don’t eat enough.  I did some research and I think I figured out how to eat more.  I have found lots of resources to help me on Pintrest so I think it might actually work.  I am cheap and really don’t want to pay for anything because I have done it without it and I know I can do it again.  This time it is a little different because I work and only have certain time I can eat and workout, not to mention school. 

So day 2 of having my ass handed to me wasn’t terrible, I lived.  I do find having to start from scratch being much more difficult than I thought.  I do feel better it could be a coincidence, I know it isn’t because I did it for so long.  I also did something I have never done after picture of my workout.


There you have it I did day 2 and didn’t die.  I still am not a fan of exercise and I really hate Jillian Michaels but it gets the job done.  I may switch it up with yoga and Pilates because I seem to get bored – YouTube is awesome for this.

I am also forgot I am an auntie again, my nephew was born yesterday and he is a chunky monkey (cute as a button).  Both mom and baby are doing great and all this aunt wants to do is squeeze some cheeks.

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