Day 6 – A Snickers Kind of Day

Outside of the raiding the Halloween Candy or if Jeff leaves the random one in the pantry, I never eat Snickers Bar.  Today however I found myself starving and in need of a Snickers Bar.  It was delightful with the chocolate, almonds and soft center.  I will say I ate it and all I could think is that is 230 calories I don’t have to eat later, YAY!  This morning was an early morning workout and it went surprisingly well despite yawning through the whole workout.  I did forget to take an after photo today, so I took a picture of the water bottle to make up for it.

How do I feel?  Much better after that Snickers Bar, the Junior Mints that I chased it with were also delightful.  Not as sore as I thought I would be, so I guess that is a good thing.  I have had people tell me I wish I had your motivation.  My motivation is I want my pants to fit and I am too cheap to buy new clothes in a bigger size.  That is it, I hate exercising I am constantly complaining through the exercising but I need too.

There you have it I survived Day 6 with the aid of a Snickers Bar.

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