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Another Exercise Post

WARNING: If you don’t want to hear me complain about exercise (and work) just skip this post. Now that my disclaimer is out of the way, Dear God, I hate exercising but I like to eat (and eat crap) so I need to do it. The catalyst for me was reading more about Parkinson’s Disease … Continue reading

A Long Way to Go…

I have been exercising 5 days a week since December. I have always stated how much I hate exercising, this time is no different. This time is different, my body is starting to crave exercising. I actually did an hour long Jillian Michaels (No More Trouble Zones) workout, it was hard, really hard, but I … Continue reading

I Hate Exercising, But…

Words cannot describe how much I hate exercising. I have stated many times how much I hate it, this time is no different. I want to punch Jillian Michaels in the face every time I do the 30 Day Shred. Why do I continue to do it if I hate it so much? It works, … Continue reading

The Weight Thing (again)

I have been pretty straight forward with my weight and struggles with it. I have never been “thin” even when I was thin. I carry my weight well and always have. Recently, between back issues, being laid off and pretty much being a slug. I decided to finally start doing something about it again. The … Continue reading

10 Long Weeks…

This quarter made me question my sanity on more than one occasion.  I thought Business Law, Accounting and Finance were difficult nothing prepared me for Fundamentals of Communication and Consumer Behavior.  These two classes by far were the hardest for me not because of what I was learning but because I didn’t get a break.  … Continue reading

Day 21 – Time off

Okay I admit I hit day 19 and I had to stop, that woman is crazy.  I decided to try some yoga in its place, I also found yoga is much easier in a class the videos suck.  I do like the Yoga Meltdown Video but I wanted something easier.  Today I picked it back … Continue reading

Day 18… She made me cry

There I said it, after 18 days of this, I broke.  I broke down like a toddler who had their sandwich in triangles opposed to squares.  I completed the whole workout including the plank twists but I cried.  Today my arms feel like lead and my legs hurt too.  Tomorrow I hope I can get … Continue reading

Day 17

I honestly don’t remember this morning’s workout I think I have a mental block or it is because I am drinking some God awful 10 year old Scotch.  That is what I get for not going to my normal liquor store, they never steer me wrong.  Oh well live and learn stick to what you … Continue reading

Day 11

I personally can’t believe I have made it 11 days.  Today was a first for me since getting my FitBit, I finally got all green on my FitBit, this made my day (little things especially on a holiday weekend).  I walked the equivalent of 5 miles, climbed 14 flights of steps and was active for … Continue reading

Day 10

It is working…as much as I hate to admit it, it is working.  I no longer need to wear Spanx under my pants, which in Savannah in July is a good thing.  So there you have it, I hate Jillian Michaels but she gets results.  I will continue to bitch because  my arms hurt and … Continue reading