Day 7 – Only 23 Days to GO!!!!

I have made it one week, how?  I have no idea, today I was doing the jumping jacks and felt like I was going to throw up.  I finished, even though I feel my body and mind are at war.  My body is like no more and my mind is like more do it now, harder!  My body is slowly giving in but with two days off, it really wants to win the relaxation war.  I am not going to do that because I measured myself today and I am happy to report that it is working!  I have lost an inch and a half in my thighs (no Spanx), an inch in my waist and I lost 2 pounds.  Not too shabby for seven days worth of work, I celebrated by eating some apple crumb stuff at work today, it was amazing.  That is also what happens when you need to answer 45 emails before you can go home and enjoy to wonderful days off before the mad rush of the holiday.

If I survive the month of July without losing my focus on health, I will be golden.

Day 7 - After this mornings workout.  I have to work for 10 hours?  WTH am I thinking?

Day 7 – After this morning’s workout. I have to work for 10 hours? WTH am I thinking?

So I remembered to take a photo – notice the no smiling and looking like I just had my ass handed to me.  I personally don’t understand why people smile after working out, I am not happy until after I shower.  Even then I need coffee and food to be really happy.  I am totally not getting the happy, smiling face anytime soon after working out.

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