Day 8… Why, Oh Why?

So today I decided to try my hand at Level 2 because I had the day off and I have tomorrow off.  If I would have waited until Day 10, I would be right smack dab in the middle of the 4th of July weekend.  There were many things I did not know existed until today, one plank jacks.  Oh lets take my two favorite things in the world and combine them into one wonderful exercise (I of course am being completely sarcastic).  I mean seriously who in the hell decided that this was a wonderful exercise?  Oh that is right Jillian Michaels, did I mention if I ever meet her I am going to punch her in the face?  I think I might have.  The other exercise is a plank twist, so this wonderful torture, I mean exercise starts in a plank, then you lift one leg up to your chest in a twisting motion.  Four hours after doing this exercise, it hurts to type because it uses arm muscles and breathe because inhaling uses the core muscles.  I also forgot to mention the one leg lifts with military presses.  I am apologizing to my body now for this work  out, I mean chair squats are so not cool.  And spine twist are cute and fun when you are 9 not 35, at 35 you feel like some fool who is afraid they are going to twist something and are calculating the doctor bills in your head.  I can’t even imagine or don’t want to imagine what Level 3 will be like… I’m scared.

How did I celebrate the completion of this workout?  By drinking a beer and making Rice Krispie Treat S’mores.  Surprisingly I actually went over my calorie count today by 61 calories, I didn’t walk as much as I usually do something I don’t think will happen tomorrow either.

I was going to upload the photo of me but it is bad (I look like I had my ass handed to me) so I am going to save it for the end.

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