Day 21 – Time off

Okay I admit I hit day 19 and I had to stop, that woman is crazy.  I decided to try some yoga in its place, I also found yoga is much easier in a class the videos suck.  I do like the Yoga Meltdown Video but I wanted something easier.  Today I picked it back up because I had been feeling scrappy.  I also decided to do Level 3 to see exactly what I am in for.  Okay alternating push ups and planks are two things I don’t wish on my worst enemy. 
The time went by extremely quick far faster than either workout before.  I had never even made it to Level 3 before today, I am not sure how I liked it because my brain has decided to block this from my memory.  I went 3 days without working out and I felt like crap, so I am back to having my ass handed to me by an evil, evil woman.

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