The Holiday Bustle

I wanted to let everyone know I am alive and kicking.  I survived Gingerbread Village 2015 and Boat Parade.  It was a long November with school, Gingerbread, Boat Parade, somehow I survived and got some much needed time off.  I started creating again it was definitely put on the back burner with school and work.  Last week I spent the whole week creating Christmas Ornaments for my Etsy Shop.  I currently have the most ever on my shop and have donated more money than ever to my favorite charities.  I even managed to create new ornaments for new charities.

I am quite excited today I applied for Graduation and my finishing date will be March 16, 2016.  I am so very excited, two years of busting my butt has paid off with a 3.955 GPA (Accounting did me in).  I am excited to see what will change if anything, I mean I like my job and what I do so I don’t see any huge changes ahead.  I guess the biggest change will be having more time to create art and blog again.  I am sure I won’t get too bored with the Booga and the Princess, they are both very active.

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