2016 – How Did That Happen?

In 10 weeks I will be officially finished with my Business Degree, I am in shock and very, very excited.  I managed to hold a 3.97 GPA while working full-time.  I am so excited to be almost finished – March 16, 2016 cannot come soon enough!

I officially started learning Spanish, a slow process, however I am picking it up.  I sit in the lunch room and listen to the conversations, I think they are picking up because I have started to laugh at some of their conversations.  I have told a couple people that I am learning and they are helping me with the pronunciation.  I am excited to be able to hold a conversation in Spanish with a guest.

I am flying to Michigan at the end of the month for my Grandma’s Birthday.  All I can think of is how cold it will be, my children want me to build a snowman for them.  I really want to see the Northern Lights and maybe a little snow.  I think ice fishing will be out of the question because of how warm it has been, it was 55 degrees on Christmas Day.  I am thinking Bingo and more Bingo when I am home.

I did choose a word – GROW.  I want to continue to grow my mind and nurture (grow) a positive self image.  I think grow will be a great word to live by this year.  I not really going to make resolutions because I can’t keep them.  I like to think of items I want to do as seeds that I need to nurture and grow.

I did start running, something I said I would never do.  I am enjoying it because I run and I don’t think about anything when I run.  I am enjoying the fresh air and the lack of thinking on my runs.  I still workout but I have found the Jillian Michaels workouts too much.  I need to establish a balance between runs and workouts, I think once I do that I will be fine.

There you have it once I finish school in March, do plan on making more time to blog again.  I miss writing and doing artsy stuff, there are not enough hours in a day to do everything.  I am also going to start drawing and painting again soon, I did update my Etsy Shop, with new ornaments.  I had one of my best years ever on Etsy!  Once again the time needed to create, list and send is something I will have more of after March.

I hope everyone has a great 2016!

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